Style 3D | Assyst Universe

Upgrade your fashion design and start working in a completely integrated and automated digital world where 2D pattern and 3D sample update each other in real-time.

Why work with a seamless fashion design process?
Simply relying on isolated 3D or 2D fashion tools is no longer sufficient. Once you have connected all steps along the process, the value of your 3D and 2D data will enhance with every step. The result: more output in shorter time without compromising quality.

See how virtual sampling is replacing physical samples with real-time 3D visualization and evaluation tools that slash development timelines and costs. Experience seamless integration with e-commerce through photorealistic product renders and virtual try-on that enable unprecedented customization and engagement.

Join us as we trace the digital transformation across every stitch of the fashion lifecycle. Witness how 3D liberates designers from the constraints of the physical world while retaining the tactile joy of fashion creation. Meet the innovative technologies driving the next generation of agile, sustainable, and customer-centric fashion design.

"Style3D creates a seamless flow from idea generation to final garment delivery which is easy to use for designers, garment technicians and buyers. It's totally integrated, and the quality of the digital assets is amazing. It’s time to create, sell and make efficiently and effectively." said Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion - Enter Ltd.

Day 1: The Digital Design Universe

  • Welcome to the Style 3D | Assyst universe - all the way from 3D to 2D - seamless integration - with your fabrics
  • Presentation
  • Demonstration
  • Fabric Scanner and Testing Equipment

3D design is sustainable and taking you into the future.

Free seminar 28.november

Place: Amatec, avd. Oslo, Lindeberg Næringsvei 28, N-1067 Oslo
Time: 10-15
Cost: free
Language: English

Workshop in 3D design

Lær deg å designe i Style3D, markedets mest intuitive 3D design program som er direkte integrert med 2D produksjonsmønster. Vi arrangerer workshop onsdag 29.november og torsdag 30. november.
Dette passer for deg som er nyskjerrig på Style3D.

Day 2: Basic workshop with Style 3D

  • 3D design for fashion, sports and workwear
  • Design of garments with variants and colours
  • Patterns from digital patternmaking softwares to Style3D
  • Library with fabric, texture, accessories, stitches, etc.
  • Artowork, logo and embroidery
Day 3: Scan your own fabrics workshop
  • Material testing, both visual and physical properties
  • Scan your own materials to get the structure and look
  • Import and export of digital patterns
  • Create your avatar
  • Rendering and photorealistic images

3D design is sustainable and taking you into the future.

Workshop date: 29.-30. november 9-15

Place: Amatec, avd. Oslo, Lindeberg Næringsvei 28, N-1067 Oslo
Cost: 1000 kr per workshop day
Language: English and Norwegian
1 month free trial.
Bring your own laptop with graphic card for 3D. Ask us for the spec.

Ta kontakt viss du har spørsmål om Style 3D Assyst eller en av våre temadager, workshop eller kurs.

Margit Karin Aarset
Margit Karin Aarset

Sales & Application Engineer
+47 92 60 32 65

Tore Håvold
Tore Håvold

Senior Consultant PLM/CAD
+47 90 09 40 77